Friday, January 18, 2013

Second night in a row!

Second night in a row for fabulous sunsets! Needless to say I was out with the camera and took about 60 pictures at various camera settings.

So heres what worked best for capturing tonight's sunset: Exposure was set to -2.0, Picture control set to "Vivid" with the saturation cranked up as far as it will go. Once I got the picture home I did a bit of light sharpening and minor highlight recovery in Photoshop and "Voila" here it is!


  1. It's a fabulous sunsets, and picture! To save time, you might have to invest in a GND filter. If you decided to get one, go with a B&W brand or Lee filter.

    1. Thank you Q, good information! Next investment is filters now that all my lenses are 77mm (Sigma 10-20, Nikon 18-300, Sigma 120-400).

  2. I like this shot a lot. I really like the silhouettes of the trees and you got a great reflection off the water.

  3. Great reflection. I really like the silhouettes, a wall hanger in my book.

  4. The water was so still that I had to bounce on the dock just to get a bit of a ripple happening for the reflection... Otherwise it didn't look right! Ha ha

  5. Extremely well shot and processed. A magnificent Sunset!
    I do believe you have the right recipe figured out!


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