Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I got nuthing...

Looking for some pictures to post last night but have pretty much posted my most recent pictures... Last week or so has been mild but "socked in" with low marine clouds and drizzle. Not that I'm complaining, you don't have to shovel this stuff!

I'm thinking I might have to take one for the "Shutterbugs team" and go to Hawaii in the near future just to get a few nice pictures to post here. A completely selfless act on my part of course... Ha ha!


  1. Completely selfless, I agree! I would take that hit for the team! LOL

    I like the top photo with the still water in it. It has that moody or ghostly feel to it.

  2. That top photo is, well, one top shot! I wouldn't call this nuthin; I would call it Great!

    I would think the cold month of February, here on the mainlands, would make a good time for Island Hopping!

  3. I'm with Ron, and Parker for the first photo. I think you should take me on your next Hawaii trip. LOL.

    Seriously, just invest in a good "NIKKOR" wide angle lens, B&W or LEE ND, GND filters, and NIK software. Then you should be good to go!


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