Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Searching for breakfast

I was sitting on the lanai one morning having coffee, a daily ritual while on vacation in paradise, and I saw this bird flying around trying to pluck something to eat out of the ocean. It was still a little dark but I put the Nikon 28-300mm lens on the camera and took a few photos. These were shot at 300mm with an ISO of 400.

And before you ask, I don't have a bird book so I have no idea what kind of bird this is. LOL


Tex forced me to find out what this bird was so you can blame this on her. LOL

This is a Hawaiian Brown Noddy or Noio Kōhā. It is considered indigenous to Hawaii and there are five sub-species of the brown noddy. The brown noddy is part of the tern family.

There you go, that's your Hawaiian lesson for the day.


  1. I can't get enough of the aqua blue green colors of Hawaii! These pictures came out really good especially if it wasn't that light yet. Like the bottom picture, really shows how close the bird was to the water.

  2. not exactly up on my hawaiian birding...

  3. Nodds to you for taking the time to ID that bird.LOL

    Sometimes just being content to sit back and enjoy the scenery at hand is enough. No matter the names. Peaceful view you had there!

  4. I didn't want to "nodd" ID the bird once Tex told me she couldn't find it in her books. :~)


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