Friday, June 15, 2012


If the ocean temperature were only 30° warmer this could be Hawaii... Guess that's why there is snow on the mountain in the background and the guy has a wet suit on! Have to give the guy credit, he was putting on a good show!


  1. Very nice action picture! I like your composition on this one. I think when you have that much fun, I do not think you would mind the cold.

  2. In that cold water one would want an extra layer of skin like the wet suit!

  3. Are you sure that "guy" isn't a gal?

    Let's see, 30 degrees colder means the water is around 45-50 degrees? I would call that dedication to the sport! Back in my younger days we used to go water skiing in January and February when there wasn't ice on the lake. It was lots of fun once you got over the initial shock of the cold water coming into your wet suit.


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