Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LuLu's Hibiscus

Laci aka "LuLu"

Our great grand daughter came over Monday for a visit with her MeMe and PaPa. Dressed in her pink bathing suit with a tutu look, she was ready to play in the water. Running thru the yard sprinkler is a favorite with her! Of course pics were in order. I slowed her down long enough to get a quick pose with a frown, standing beside this plate sized Hibiscus!

Large Red Hibiscus

Comparing the flower with LuLu gives one a sense of the large size of these tropical looking blooms. It's hard to believe the energy the plant uses to produce these flowers only to have them fall off every night with new ones appearing every morning! This bush only began blooming last week after the temperatures started getting hot. Charlotte has this plant growing in full sunlight in the warmest part of her flowerbeds. Great plant for Hot, Oklahoma Sun!

I thank Ron and his hibiscus (Rose of Sharon) post today for giving me this idea for my post. I had these pics in my family file but after seeing the word Hibiscus it came to my mind that our readers might enjoy seeing a pic of another variety of the hibiscus family. So here it is with LuLu directing the shots!


  1. lulu in her tutu is just too cute!!! :)

  2. I agree with Tex, your LuLu is a real cu-t-pie! That's one huge Hibiscus by the way, nice idea putting both LuLu and the Hibiscus in the same picture.

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  4. I think Lulu is giving papa the evil eye saying; "Papa, this isn't the sprinkler". LOL

    These are both great shots and that is one huge hibiscus! The use of the black and white and the color in the one photo is a nice touch.

    1. The pic with Laci in it was the only one I had with anything to compare and show the size of the flower. It was just a quick snapshot! I worked it over in my Picasa 3 program trying to hide all the defects. I guess it kind of worked out alright?

  5. Beautiful color in these shots.

  6. I love the idea of selective color in the photo. When you wrote that Lulu's tutu is pink, I so wanted to see that pink!


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