Wednesday, June 20, 2012


When everyone visiting the upper Antelope canyon, you have a choice to book 1 - 2 hours tour from 9 different tour companies in Page AZ. Mainly, they bring you from Page on a pickup truck with other 14 people with you. By the time you get to the canyon during peak hours between 10 am. to 1:00 pm, more likely you will see around 200 - 300 people in there. The Upper Antelope canyon about 150 yards long, and 2 - 7' wide. Most of the time I was there, the tour guide rush people through this canyon, then come back for more. Therefore, if you are not on a "photography tour", probably most of your shots will have people walking in-front of your camera during 30sec. exposure. I have booked a 1/2 day "4-5 hours" photography tour from Carol Bigthumb company. Carol family is a owner of this slot canyon. Therefore, I have a front seat on all of the locations, when there is the time to shoot, our tour guide stops the traffic on both ways, and make sure no one is in our shot. Also, we could access other canyons nearby without anyone from other tour companies.  In my opinion, if you travel this far, just run up your credit card so you can get the picture you always wanted.


  1. Slot canyons are magnificient and wonderful subjects for photographs. You did such a splendid job with your photos.

  2. 'Q', These are all nice and I don't know where to start my comments?
    The cascading flow of light pouring from above is a wonderment, as is the spotlights of rays hitting the canyon floor. The hues of color highlighting the erosion formed walls gives a calming feeling. A truly mystical and spiritual place! You captured the scene and the feelings of this place, even with the tourists walking about!

  3. The canyons are so beautiful, I can see why everyone wants to see them but I also hear the frustration with people running all around.

  4. These are really great Q. I agree with Parker on these, the lighting is fantastic. The 5th photo looks like someone is shooting a big laser beam at the floor from above.

    I would have nudged a tourist into it just to see if they would disappear. LOL

    1. Just need some guy in a "Star-trek" costume inviting people to step into the transporter beam while saying to hold perfectly still when you get in or you will come out the other side scrambled! LOL

  5. Once again spectacular photographs! All the people in your pictures adds a whole different dimension to them.

    You've done such a spectacular job of photographing these incredible slot canyons that I can just enjoy your pictures and leave my credit card in my wallet! LOL


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