Friday, June 15, 2012

Flowers in the Desert.

I'm not sure what's the name of this plant, maybe one of you could help me out.  Thanks


  1. it almost looks like a morning glory plant, but it sure picked an odd place to grow!

  2. 'Q',
    You have captured some nice photos of 'Bind Weed'. TexWisGirl was on target as it is also called Wild Morning Glory. This is a pest weed!
    A blood clotting substance has been found in this plant that was used by the Native Americans and curanderos of Mexico.

    1. I retract my above statement! After going back to my reference book I can see that it a Sacred Datura as identified by Natt N. Dodge; "100 Desert Wildflowers in natural color" frame #70.
      Thanks Randy for bringing attention to my goof-up!!

  3. Nice find. I believe they are called Datura.

  4. I would have guessed morning glory also but the leaves are wrong...

    Certainly stands out in this stark and harsh environment! Nice find Q!

  5. It is datura. Commonly called Jimson Weed

  6. It's a white flower with green leaves in the desert. That's the extent of my plant knowledge! LOL

    It is a nice find though and makes a great shot.

  7. very nice. I haven't seen these in awhile. What area is this?


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