Friday, June 22, 2012

Late Breaking News! Delayed

Observers smelled burnt Burgers and Hot Dogs!

On or about noon the 10th of May it was brought to my attention there had been a vehicle fire located East of the Visitor Center and the road was closed  while the resident firemen attacked the blaze with their state of the art Brush Pumper equipment!

No one hurt or injured!

Rushing to the scene the next day, this self appointed reporter arrived on location with camera and notepad in hand to get to the bottom of this story! Unfortunately the wrecker driver did not have any pertinent information. He told me he was just dispatched to this location to retrieve a disabled vehicle! I did learn that evening from the local Law Enforcement Officer that it was a non injury accident of unknown cause at this time. I commented, It's possible it caught fire!

A Total Loss

After interviewing the local resident populace who would speak only on the condition of anonimity, along with many eyewitness campers, who will talk about anything, they all came to the same conclusion. Fire caused the destruction of the Trash Truck and everyone was thankful the occupants were not hurt! Everyone was worried and concerned about next weeks pickup, after a busy weekend the Dumpsters have a tendency to develop an overripe scent in hot temperatures. All the concern and worry was for naught! The following week at it's normal scheduled time, a bright white, new, noisy lid slamming, motor gunning beast showed up at sunrise announcing its arrival! All is well and back to normal!

A year or so ago when Ron was the resident manager of the campground in the Wichita Mtns. where I stay when visiting. He would always keep us up to date with pics and words of happenings going on! I got to calling him The Roving Reporter for The Mountain Gazette! When I saw this burnt trash truck in the refuge, this goofy story started forming in my mind!  Close enough to the facts for me!!


  1. too funny. you did well, mr. roving road reporter!

  2. I love the line about the campers "who will talk about anything". LOL And it's soooo true!

    Nice job Mr. Roving Reporter. I have relinquished my title to you.

  3. LOL Parker. Love your story. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Well reported and documented with your camera! Not easy taking on a trashy story like that...

  5. I am glad that no one got hurt in this accident. Thanks for sharing.


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