Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lower Antelope Canyon.

On my previous trip to Page Arizona, I have visited four slot canyons in Page area.  The first three canyons that I went with a tour guide are the Upper Antelope, Rattlesnake canyon, and Owl's canyon for first half of the day.  Then I went on a self guide tour at the lower Antelope canyon for two hours.  Also, before heading back to Durango Colorado, I made a quick stop at the Horse shoes canyon.  These pictures are from lower Antelope canyon, and this is an entrance of this canyon.  I will post a few pictures from this canyon in the next post.  There is no Sunbeam from the lower canyon, but it's worth for the time being there.


  1. I see they cater to the tourists with all the new staiways. I like the toeholds carved into the rock that are hiding behind the metal stairs! Interesting shots!

  2. I have officially added this part of the world to my bucket list of places to explore! Really like all of these groups of canyon photos you've been posting, incredible landscapes!

  3. Another great set of photos. I like the way the way they built the ladders into the rock. You're photos are just perfectly lit. I really like the center one for some reason.

    Paul, I think you're bucket list is starting to get VERY long! LOL


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