Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lizard Watching

Prairie Lizard

Kicked back in my favorite lawn chair, sipping on a cool drink while reading an Edward Abbey book, noticed a quick movement from the corner of my eye. Glancing to the large granite rock that sits in my campsite I found this guy or girl laying quietly blending in with its surroundings. The only movement was from it's eyes whose focus went from me to the base of a post oak tree two feet away.

Matching Colors

Clinging to the tree with tiny little toes it blended well to the bark and dead leaves where it perched while watching the lizard on the rock that was watching it on the tree. I think maybe it might be "Courting Season"!

I wish I knew the gender of these two so we would know which was which. This will make a good question for the biologist Ranger next time I visit. I suspect the male to be the one on the tree as it was larger and more colorful than the other, as nature usually provides.

 pre-historic looking

Just before all this lizard watching began I had placed a chicken breast on my grill to slow cook for my evening meal. With all the picture taking and lizard chasing I forgot about it grilling until I smelled what I thought was burned chicken. Lucky for the lizard it was just right or I might have been able to answer the age old question 'Does grilled lizard really Taste like Chicken'!


  1. Hmmmm...

    I'm thinking maybe somebody needs a book. LOL

    I think it would take a lot of little lizards to make up for that one chicken breast.

    I really like the center photo, lots of color and detail.

    1. Yeah, Abbey's books are controversial but Desert Solitaire for me was a great read. Liked his descriptions of the Canyonland Country of Utah and Arizona before the masses of people started visiting.

      Keep forgetting to thank you for all the updates to the blog page. The larger font size seems just right for me and the script used to title our individual posts is a nice touch. Good work! Oh, and the reply feature is very nice also!

    2. Thanks! I was mainly trying to enlarge the header and once I was in there I just started moving things around.

      When I said you needed a book I was taking about one that would identify the lizards for you. You guys were hounding on me about a flower book and I thought I would return the favor. LOL

    3. I got the pocket book but no info on gender included. Your right, I need a better book . Might tell me if lizards taste like chicken and how many to make a serving!LOL

    4. LOL! I guess it's a good thing the PETA people don't read our blog.

  2. too funny! they're very cool looking.

  3. I like the rock as a background on these pictures. These creatures really can blend in their surrounding.

  4. Interesting find and nice photos to go with!

    I wonder if they have shake and bake for Lizards? They have it for everything else, pork, chicken, fish...

  5. Yikes! Cooked lizard doesn't sound too appealing, but grilled chicken is another case entirely. I like Desert Solitare very much, and since I haven't read it in decades you have inspired me to dip into it again. You had to be quick to get those lizard shots.


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