Monday, June 25, 2012

San Juan National Forest.

This yellow cart is required to run behind each steam train to prevent any forest fire cause by the train.

To get here, I have to hike on the railroad track for about a mile. I could go further, but I decided to stay here to capture a picture a train coming back from Silverton.  Also, there's a 130 yr. old power plant around the bend, and I met one of the worker walking back on the same way I came in.  He told me this is only way to get to the power plant, he has to hikes 3 miles on this rail road track, and he have been doing this 5 days a week for the last 30 years.

After reading Ron comments, I jump in my DeLorean car, and dial back to1910 to capture this picture for him.


  1. Did he tell you it was uphill both ways too? LOL

    That's what I call dedication to a job!

    These are great shots Q. I would have expected you to do them in black and white or sepia to give them the old time look. In black and white you'd never know you just took those photos, you'd think it was from the last century.

    I'm not sure which shot I like best, the train is a really great shot but the first one with the river below is just as good.

    Hiking to get shots, that's a novel idea. I like sitting on the lania and waiting for the shots to come to me! LOL

    1. Now that's what I'm talking about. That looks great!

      Hey Q, can I borrow the DeLorean for a few days? LOL

  2. 'Q', I'm sure that had to be an uphill hike all the way!
    Can you imagine the shape the worker is in. Wonder what he does for exercise?
    Great shots all! The wooden trestle at the curve in the tracks adds to the interest.
    The Sepia toned pic highlights the age of the train. Would have been neat to have caught the engine pulling the grade with smoke belching from its stack!

  3. Great photos and cool story!

  4. That is amazing. I would love to ride this train.

  5. Trains, what a great subject for a photographer! Your sepia version came out very vintage!

  6. Must be fun to make the trip with the train.


  7. Lovely shots and great information. I didn't know that about the yellow cart. Good idea! =)


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