Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't bug me man

I took these this past weekend near one of our ponds. Aaron came up with the idea but he was too lazy to walk back to his truck and get his camera. I think his wife is rubbing off on him. LOL

These were taken with the Nikon 28-300 VR lens.


  1. You've got such beautiful dragonflies!
    These pics are amazing!
    Makes me want to discover more on your blog! :
    Cheers Ron!

  2. A Pond would be missing something if it didn't have these colorful winged Dragonflies flying or sitting around! Nice pics of a pond sighting!
    Be careful what you say, your daughter is armed with a camera in her cellphone!!LOL

  3. Great shot! There's a limit that I won't touch my camera on the mother day, and father day. But, sitting in-front my computer working on my vacation pictures. LOL

    1. I actually took this on Saturday, I got stuck mowing the lawn and working on Father's Day. It's been a chore just to keep up with the orders lately.

  4. i like 'em because they eat mosquitoes. :)

  5. Dragon Flies are fascinating. Fabulous spot on photography Ron!

  6. Well done Ron, fantastic photos! So which one of you put the crazy glue on the end of the stick so the Dragon Fly wouldn't take off while you took it's picture? LOL


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