Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Northwest Engineering Co.

Found this tired old Northwest cable crane on the side of a nearby logging road while out for a walk. By the size of the cedar trees growing in it's tracks I'd estimate that it hasn't moved in a few years. Interestingly enough a closer inspection into the inner workings of the crane leave me with the impression that it would take very little to get this old timer up and running. This would make one heck of a lawn ornament, paper weight or boat anchor! LOL


  1. Good find! This old relic would have some tales to tell!
    Suprised it has not been stripped out. From the looks of where it is parked it was probably up and operating just a few years back. Now it reminds me of a tombstone for the manufacturing giants that were once thriving in Green Bay and Chicago along the shores of Lake Michigan!
    Thanks for documenting this cable crane. Great photo record!

  2. i can't believe no one's taken it just for scrap metal!

  3. Lokks like a weekend fixer-upper. LOL

    I agree with Tex on this one, the scrap metal alone would pay for a trip to Hawaii! :~)

    1. I think the only reason it's still intact is that it is behind a locked gate.

      Always looking for a way to get back to Hawaii! Funny I find myself doing the same thing... LOL

    2. Well, yea!! I'm either making money to go to Hawaii or to buy camera equipment to take with me when I go!

      I may have to pay an extra luggage fee this time! LOL

  4. Nice find! I can help you taking this apart for scrap metal. How about 80% $$ for me, and 20% for you. LOL.


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