Saturday, June 9, 2012

A little more Aloha

What can I say? I'm tired of unpacking boxes! LOL


  1. Surfs UP and up country!!I like the b&w perspective. 3 weeks, yes I'm counting!!

    1. Three weeks... did I say how jealous I was? LOL

      You definitely know your Hawaii Val. The island shot was taken from upcountry near Waiohuli looking across Kihei.

  2. Is that clouds or smoke signals from a volcano coming from that hill?
    Don't envy you on the unpacking chores!

  3. Both of these shots came out great in B&W! Except for the wind generators in the second photo it looks like it could have been from 100 years ago.

    Moving... If we ever have to move we're getting a 40 yard construction waste bin dropped off to put all this "stuff" in and my wife and I are walking out the door with a suitcase each my camera gear and the dogs! Oh, and we aren't moving unless it's to Hawaii! LOL


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