Sunday, June 3, 2012

Colorful Columbines

The mild weather on Northern Vancouver Island has brought out a bountiful crop of wild flowers. Most spectacular this year are the Columbines! 

After seeing the beautiful picture on Forest Snapper's Blog site of the Columbine he found I was inspired to take a few pictures of the Columbines around this part of the world and share them. If you get a chance have a look at Forest Snapper's blog, some very nice photography going on there!


  1. Very nice shots! The colors and detail are great. I'd say you did a little crawling on the ground to get those shots.

  2. Three wonderful shots in three bright colors! Well done!

    This must be the year for Wildflowers.

    Thanks for the link to Forest Snapper's site.

  3. Brilliant at taking shots, the flowers are one of them, great photos.

  4. i love forest snapper's place. these are gorgeous blooms!

  5. Well done my friend! I love the colors on these flowers.


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