Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince aka. Chaenomeles Japonica is native to South East Asia, Japan and China. Apparently these plants were brought to North America by early horticulturists for their beautiful display of brilliant red flowers.
Years ago my wife and I were hiking around an abandoned homestead and came across one of these plants, it was in bloom at the time. So I cut off a small flowering branch and when we got home I buried it about 2/3 deep leaving 1/3 above the soil not expecting anything but a dead stick by the end of the summer. But it grew and is thriving real well! These flowers go on to be Quince fruit that can be used for jellies and such.


  1. We have "Cay Mai" similar flowers like this one in Vietnam, but it's yellow instead of red. However, it only blooms during a month of Feb. Vietnamese lunar new year. Therefore, we have use this plant as our main decorations during new year.

    It's a beautiful plant, and good job on replant on this one. Unlike me, I have no knowledge of gardening. I'm trying to plant a lemongrass for Ron, and I hope it will live until I see him in July.

  2. A wonderful color of Red on this bright plant! Your experiment of planting a cutting produced a beautiful plant, eye-popping feature for a yard! I like the idea of using found, vintage plants like you did. Seems to me that they would make hardy growing stock! Can not help but wonder where the Homesteaders brought this plant from?!

  3. A photographer with a green thumb, you are a man with many talents! LOL


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