Friday, June 8, 2012

Antelope Canyon AZ.

These are some of the first shot in the upper Antelope canyon around 11:00 am.  When I arrived at this location, I thought I was shopping on Black Friday.  There are about 150 people in this 150 yards, and 3- 5 feet wide slot canyon.  Most of the people there are tourist from China, Germany, and France.  The tour guide are trying to rush these people through this canyon, and return for more tourist.  I didn't expected this much of people visiting this place in early Summer.  For my self, I have booked a half day photography tour from Carol Bigthumb company, this property are belong to her family for many generations.  Therefore, we got a front row seat for our shots.  When there's a time to shot, our tour guide cleared everyone out of the area.  Also, we got to access other slot canyons that is not open for other tour companies.

Well, sadly it's our last day in Durango, and everyone had a good time in this trip.  I'm looking forward to return to this area in September to catch the Foliage, if my wife let me! LOL.


  1. These are very cool!! Great shooting Q!

    It sounds like you got the right tour guide for the area. I can't wait to see what else you took photos of.

  2. Such a photographic place! The play of light on those smooth contured features is amazing!

  3. Your efforts to get these two photos paid off magnificently. Wow! I am amazed at the beauty created by sunlight and stone. Wow!

  4. Q, I want to go on your next photo adventure.....these gave me goose bumps or as they say in HAwaii "chicken skin!!" Lovely

  5. Breath taking beauty in nature and you've done a remarkable job of capturing it! Like Ron said, can't wait to see what else you took pictures of!


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