Saturday, June 23, 2012

Roadside wildflowers

You must be getting tired of me posting "flower" pictures, but that seems to be the only thing happening around here these days... Nothing quite like living in a quiet little Fishing Village up the Coast! (Not that I'm complaining.)
These flowering wildflowers are Lupines and are native to this part of the world. This year the Lupines are thriving in the cool, damp start to the growing season.


  1. i'm certainly not tired of them! they're beautiful! thinner, taller, richer blue than our texas bluebonnets. so beautiful!

  2. Never, ever get tired of 'flower' shots. All the varieties, shapes, sizes and colors that nature graces us with should be celebrated!
    The rich in color and size of the lupine brightens the roadway! Nice!

  3. Lovely wildflowers and enjoy your sunday!


  4. Never getting tired from looking any pictures that posted on this blog. In my opinion, I should be appreciated the time that everyone posted their pictures, and comments in this blog. By the way, nice work!

  5. Flowers are great. I don't think anyone will complain when you get color and details like this.

    A quiet little fishing village sounds nice, especially if it has palm trees and hula dancers! LOL

    1. LOL now you're talking! Got a couple of palm trees here, still working on the hula dancers part though...


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