Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Way In, and Out.

 This is a first ladder into the Balcony House.

 Then walk through a narrow wall, and craw into a small tunnel.

 This is a 800 yr. old timber, as you can see the white filling that has been filled after they took a sample of it.

 The way out of Balcony House.

 To get to our car, you have to climb another ladder, and  few steps on a steep wall.

As you can see this Park Ranger don't like a guy with a big camera.  He thinks I will slow down the tour.


  1. What an interesting place! That 800 year old log support beam looks only a few years old at best, amazing really.
    Great Photos Q as always! I'm thinking I need to put this place on my bucket list, but not by motorcycle. LOL

  2. LOL Q! The park ranger doesn't look to thrilled to be there. What's all that gray stuff in your hair? LOL

    I'm not sure I could get to the Balcony House, I don't think I could get my big fat belly through those spaces.

    1. I got those gray stuff from looking through the viewfinder too much. What are you expecting! I'm 46 not 21!

    2. LOL! I always blame the gray on my kids!

  3. Really like this post Q. This pictorial climb and walk and crawl series of pics made me feel I was right there with you! Except for the Jolly Ranger pic, wuich you were on your own!


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