Thursday, June 21, 2012

Upper Antelope Sunbeam.

Photograph the Sunbeam or just the rock formations in the slot canyon is very tricky.  Due to a tight spaces in the slot canyon, so there's only one spot that you can setup 1 to 3 tripods, and you only have about 5 min. to get the shot just to have enough light reflected from the floor.  Also, I want to capture the natural colors of the slot canyon, I have set my WB to 4550Kevin temperature, and manual focusing.  

The best way to capture the slot canyon is a SLR or DSLR camera, Ultra wide angle lens, tripod, and a shutter release cable.  In the slot canyon is very dusty, so changing lens is not recommended, and no flash.

Like Paul said, Beam me up!


  1. Man O Man! This picture show gets better by the day! What a job you have done collecting all those focused light beams and producing them in a pic. The dust rising from the sun spot looks like smoke and the stream of sand pouring from the ledge is a perfect touch! And best of all No tourists in the shots! I think people in most shots add interest, but the light beams in this slot canyon more than provide the interest sans a person! Your knowledge in setting up your equipment to be able to capture shots of this quality truly shines in your work!

  2. These are really cool and definitely magazine worthy. Very nice work Q!

    A few questions, what lens were you using and what were the settings on the camera? With the bright light coming through I would think it would be pretty difficult to get enough lighting on the canyon walls.

    And I agree with Parker, the sand flowing from the ledge in the one photo was a really nice touch. Time slipping away.

    1. You are correct about the bright sunbeam light. Therefore, it's difficult to get correct exposure on the canyon walls. To resolve this you have to wait until you have enough light bounce of from the floor, and highlight the wall. Then frame your shot without an open sky in it.

      The camera setting it was on A mode with f/11, WB 4550, manual focusing, Matrix metering, exposure bracketing 3 shots -1 - +1, and shutter triggered by remote cable.

  3. More spectacular images, definitely worthy of NG magazine to be sure!

    The more I think about the logistics of capturing what the eye sees in a setting like this with a camera the more I appreciate the difficulty. Expertly captured Q!

  4. All I can say is WOW. Well maybe AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL.

  5. I love how the sand is pouring down from the canyon. Truly amazing shots! =)


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