Monday, June 25, 2012



Driving North on state road 115, just a few miles past Meers,Oklahoma, one will come in view of the Slick Hills which lay north of the Wichita Mtns. Standing guard on these bare hills are the fairly new Wind Turbines, colored bright white and supported by same colored, extremely tall towers. They can be spotted from several miles away! Powered by wind and producers of electricity!

Standing guard in the lower flat land is the rusting and no longer in use Wind Mill. A pumper of water and powered by the wind! Very short, maybe 16 to 18 feet, compared to the giants in the background, it still proudly stands tall in my book and played a large role in early day Oklahoma!

Dempster #12

The tailfeathers clearly identify this mill as a model 12, self oiler, manufactured by the Dempster Co. located in Beatrice,Nebraska. I was surprised to find out they have been in business since 1878 in Beatrice, and are still there producing new windmills and parts to service the old models such as this #12 model which was introduced in 1922. And may I say at a decent price! Let's hear a big Shout for this made in the USA company! HEAR!HEAR!

This windmill appeared to be mostly intact and all there, even the pump sitting on the well itself. Part of the wooden sucker rod that connects the pump to the mill was missing but that is nothing major. Whoever owns this windmill had the good sense to tie the brake off so the blades wouldn't turn and the mill could not flop around which would tear up in a stiff thunderstorm with violent winds. If the water well is still good, it wouldn't be to hard to get this windmill pumping clear, cool water again!

All Hold Hands!

As I was watching the large blades rotate round and round, it was noticed after several revolutions, that the blades would come together like they were holding hands. These turbines are actually many yards apart! I suppose this pic could represent the many turbines in this field all pulling together to provide electricity for our ever expanding appetite of electric use!


  1. What a great story. I'm really like the way you using the wind turbines in the background. That's a great way to display the past, and the future. Good work!

  2. I much prefer the old windmills; they're more artistic and picturesque, plus they do not kill birds/eagles as the wind turbines are known to do.

  3. Nice history with the photos. I'm with Q on these, having the old and the new in the same photo was a nice touch.

  4. what a great juxtaposition of old and new. i love the old windmills, but so few turn anymore. and that last shot is really great timing!

  5. prefer the old style. They have so much more character. Nice shots


  6. Good find, good pictures and good commentary to go with! Interesting how old is new again and new is old revised...

  7. Technology is truly fast it goes. I really liked the comparison of the windmills. I was hiking just last week and saw an old windmill in someone's backyard...I wonder if it did anything to power their house? Nice capture on the last shot. Have a nice weekend! =)


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