Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A most curious situation

Crows getting along with an Eagle? Can't say as I recall seeing this before! Normally Crows and Eagles do not get along an all.

It's almost as if they were all waiting for something...


  1. Curious and beautiful image.. Congrats..

  2. That is weird. I thought eagles killed crows every chance they got.

    Maybe they are all waiting for some photographer to throw a banana peel on the ground. LOL

  3. The Eagles says..."I'd like to call this tree to order!!" :)
    What a photo, nature is strange at times.

  4. Poor old Eagle. He just can't get any respect today!
    Good capture!

  5. Eerily reminiscent of a scene from Hitchcock's "The Birds" if you ask me! Can you believe it's 50 years ago since that movie came out?

  6. I didn't know that! I think they know that Eagle is full.


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