Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's starting...

First signs of Spring over here on Northern Vancouver Island! 
 Even though we've had a mild Winter so far, Spring can't come quick enough.


  1. Wow that is not happening here in Pa. Beautiful pics though.


  2. Seeing the first spring flowers is such a welcome event! Thanks for the preview of what hasn't came to my local yet!

  3. Flowers? Now you're just rubbing it in. We are buried in snow this morning but the good newes is the sun is out. The bad news is we are headed for a low of 3 tonight and then it's supposed to snow again this weekend.

    Nice photos though! LOL I really like the middle shot, great detail throughout the shot.

    1. 3°... Burr! But I'll bet that old cabin you have and the wooden bridge over your pond are beautiful in the snow, especially with the sun lighting everything up!

    2. It could be, I haven't worked up the energy to trudge through a foot of snow to find out yet. Maybe tomorrow when I can sit down for a while when I get back from the walk. LOL


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