Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The Blue Intruder

"I don't mind being in
touch with reality as
long as I don't have
to live there"

There I was. Standing on a concrete dam! Peering intensely
into the depths of the water while contemplating my thoughts.
No one was around so the thoughts were only my own.
To what depths does a shadow penetrate?
Am I really able to block the Sun which gives us life, along with the water,
and project my own image in silhouette color and form?
The proof is in front of me. I feel powerful!
The thoughts and feelings are dashed in a moment.
A fast moving Blue Dragonfly interrupts my thoughts by making a quick entrance from my left!
DRATS! Reality again!

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  1. what an AWESOME shot! you got photo-bombed, for sure!

  2. Thanks Tex! Nothing worse than being jolted back to the real world! If I might add this photo was taken the day after the longhorn encounter. What ifs and how comes were also in the thoughts.

  3. Replies
    1. That it was Randy. That it was!
      At least I think it was! LOL!

  4. Most interesting photo!

    Yes indeed, I can see where one might have been introspecting at that particular moment in time.

    "Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows".
    Author unknown.

    1. Another nice Reality quote. Thanks Paul!

  5. That is funny and it makes for a good shot. Nothing like life getting in the way! LOL

    1. Suppose if it was not for life and reality there would be no means or purpose to daydream!

  6. Very interesting of self portrait. I'm glad your left arm still strong from the incident on the trail.

  7. Thanks Q. It actually was my right arm and it is fine! This pic was taken the next day after the encounter and I managed to take the shot using that arm.

  8. A very friendly shadow. Reminds me of an old poem I loved as a child: I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me...


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