Saturday, February 23, 2013

Come on in, the water's fine!

There's nothing like a foot of snow to make you want to go swimming. Someplace else of course!

This shot was taken about half way through the snow storm on Thursday. We already had about 8 inchs of snow on the ground and four more were on the way.

These last two shots were taken yesterday while the cities and counties were digging themselves out. They were also taken from inside my car while driving with the windows up so they aren't the greatest of shots. What can I say? It was cold outside!
It's nice and sunny today but we woke up to an outside temperature of just THREE degrees, They are calling for more snow starting tommorow and going through Tuesday. I'm thinking I should have taken a longer vacation!


  1. WOW! You guys got clobbered from that storm! Although I know it was colder than than heck, your first pic of the frozen pond with the sun shining is a real eye catcher. I also like that pic of the snowplow clearing a path to town. Windshield Photography would be the only way to go in those temps!

  2. when there is snow every thing is great!

  3. More snow to come? UGH!

    Great pictures Ron! I agree with Parker the pond picture with the sun shining on the snow came out real good.

    These would be perfect pictures to dig out this coming Summer when the temperatures are up over 100°...

  4. That's alot of snow. Our mountain tops were hit yesterday but not so much here in town.

  5. Maybe you should move to Florida.


  6. Is not that bad! LOL.
    If we have this much snow in Dallas, everything will be shutdown for days.


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