Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dancing Light

These aren't the best photos I've ever taken but there was something about the sunlight dancing on objects underwater that intrigued me.

It could have been that I just like messing with people too! I was swimming along one day with my camera and I saw the sunlight on the sand underwater and thought it might be a good picture so I spent about ten minutes takings some photos to see how they would come out. While taking my photos I started noticing hands and feet near me along the surface of the water. After a minute or two I figured out that several people had decided that since I had a big fancy underwater camera and was staying in one spot I must be photographing something really good. It reminded me of Las Vegas when I was pointing my camera into the air and I had other people trying to figure out what I was taking a photo of.

After shooting my sand photos I just swam off to a different spot never raising my head out of the water so anybody could ask me any questions about what I was seeing. Was that mean? LOL

The shot of the green sea turtle was taken on a different day in the water in front of our condo.


  1. Your first pic is mesmerizing. Like that streaming light with the turtle! Messing with people and swimming in the bay. You were having too much fun!LOL

    1. I have found that the older I get I have to take my fun when I can! LOL

  2. Not mean at all... Wouldn't want to stop taking pictures just to talk. Ha ha!

    You certainly captured the Sunlight dancing in that first shot and what a great capture on the green sea turtle!

  3. By looking at these pictures, I feel like I'm in the water! For me, when I pointing my camera people give me dirty looks or giggling. LOL.


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