Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Details with the Nikon P7700

These three shots were taken by Cheryl using the Nikon P7700 in the full auto mode. The first shot was taken at 28mm, the second shot at 50mm and the third shot a just under the full zoom at 175mm.

These shots are exactly as they came out of the camera except for resizing. The full auto mode adjusts for shadows quite well and sees a lot of detail. Now if I can just get my camera back! LOL

This statue is along Ka'anapali Beach on Maui near the Hyatt Regency Resort.


  1. Great sculptures....
    Best regards from France,


  2. Great shots Cheryl. I love the 3rd one. Ron...I think I know how my Ron feels now since I now control OUR D90. LOL
    Snow is coming, hope you are ready!!

  3. Normally shots like this with a bright background would be badly backlight, clearly Cheryl's new camera does a great job in these situations. I'm impressed! Cool sculptures too by the way.

  4. The camera does an excellent job choosing the exposure settings. The shooter did a nice job composing her pics. Good eye Cheryl for subject matter also. Cool sculptures of the acrobats!

  5. Wow. Hmmmmm but I just bought a new SLR.

  6. Nice job sister! It seems to me you are very comfortable with this camera. I'm glad that you are interested in photography. May be one day we could shoot together soon.


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