Friday, February 1, 2013

Seiners after dark

The weather has been unusually mild and calm last few days. So calm this evening that I was able to get some nice reflections of the Seiners in Hardy Bay.
This was the best shot out of the dozen or so pictures I took. Even though I used a tripod most were blurry because of the long exposure time and the slight movement of the boats on the water.


  1. Spectacular! Such an interesting photo to look at. Composed and exposed so well; my hat's off to you! A brilliant view into a dockside scene after dark!

  2. I agree with Parker, this is spectacular! The lighting is perfect and there's so much goin on in the photo. Nice job!!

  3. Love the reflection you got, the night sky really makes you focus on the boats.

  4. Nice reflection! I think this picture is not blurry at all. Have you ever try to play around with the WB in Kevin? I think this's a good spot to do that.


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