Thursday, February 28, 2013


Guardian of the Mother Road
Still standing beside Route 66 on the west edge of El Reno,Oklahoma the old Squaw Drive In Movie has found a new life. A Muralist by the name of Rick Sinnett found a large canvas to express a tribute to the Mother Road and Oklahoma!
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
State Bird
I took the liberty to showcase some of the recognizable features. Thought his portrayal of the flycatcher flying over the sun rays was particurlarly nice in the way it anchored the mural.
Wheat Ears
Matured and ready to harvest, wheat is a major crop for central Oklahoma.
A Touch of Color
This feature I was not sure of. It could be wildflowers or the leaves of the Catawba Tree. A very few members of the Catawba Indian Nation live in Oklahoma for whose Tribe the tree is named.
Closed many years ago and destined to be tore down, I was pleased to see the mural on the backside of this concrete block structure. Saved from the wrecking ball; now if an Oklahoma tornado doesn't get it, it should be around for awhile longer! Then I would have to title this post 'Gone with the Wind!'
I was born in El Reno and the drive in was a popular place on the weekends during the summer.  


  1. I love it. It reminds me of the artwork by artist Romero Britto.

    1. Thanks for introducing me to Romero Britto. What a talented artist he is. How similar the use of colors and geometric figures are between the two! CoolStuff!

  2. The world needs more murals!

    Good find and nice bright photos. Nice to see an unused building repurposed like this, be a shame to tear it down.

  3. Lots of bright colors in that mural. I'm always intrigued on how someone works on something that large. At any given time you can't see the whole picture so your brain has to work differently than normal I would think.


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