Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flamineta 2 burner gas stove with oven review

First impressions...

Before I purchased this stove from Home Hardware (in Canada) I tried to find out more about the little made in Mexico Flamineta camp stoves on the internet but very little information existed. So I took a chance and purchased it anyway.

After comparing many pictures and specifications on the internet I am thinking that the Flamineta and Camp Chef stoves are likely made in the same location with the Flamineta stove made to CSA (Canadian) standards and the Camp Chef made to US standards.

The unit was well packaged in a heavy cardboard box. 

The stove includes an instruction manual (more safety stuff than anything) with sales and service contact info, a registration / customer response card, an oven thermometer and a 4 foot hose with regulator to fit onto a standard BBQ type propane tank.

Initial impression is that it appears to be reasonably well built... Mostly riveted and screwed together and certainly solid enough (32 lbs).

I was happy to see a standard 3/8 inch flare fitting sticking out the back and typical BBQ style gas valves under the hood. I suspect finding parts to repair this should it ever be necessary would be no big deal as they could probably be found locally, through Flamineta or even scrounged from a BBQ bone yard. 

I see the oven valve has a thermocouple... Push to light, hold for 10 seconds routine. Also everything is lit by match or lighter, no push button start on this unit. (Less to break if you ask me).

The stove top looks to be strong enough to hold a good bit of weight though the stove lid, lid hinges and wind deflectors are lightly built and will likely be the first to suffer if the unit was mistreated at all.

So I set it up and put it through it's paces... First I hooked up the gas and lit the burners and oven. The controls were smooth and gave good flame control.

I cranked the oven up to full and was pleased to see that it easily got up to 500° F. With careful adjustment I was able to get it to maintain 350° F though there was nothing in it to cook. The way its set up the oven flame is easy to see and adjust though I found that if I opened the oven door quickly with the flame set down low it would blow the flame out.

Next I put a 1.5 liter (48 oz / 6 cups) tea kettle and 1.25 liter (40 oz. / 5 cups) coffee pot on the burners and cranked them up to full. The tea kettle took 19 minutes till it was whistling and the coffee pot started perking at 20 minutes. 


Flamineta Model 35818
Home Hardware Item # 6347-787

Exterior Dimensions 12.25" deep x 21.25" wide x 16.25" high
Oven interior dimensions 10.25" deep x 16.25" wide x 8.25" high

Top burners are 5,300 BTU each
Oven burner is 3,500 BTU
(One pound of propane has 21,500 BTUs) 

Weight: 32 lbs.

Clearance to combustible surfaces (sticker on rear of unit) 7" sides, 6" rear, 24" top, 0" bottom

Also I see that the Flamineta website says the stove can be used indoors as long as the propane tank stays out side.

That's all good but will it bake bread?

The answer is yes it absolutely will! This bread is the real McCoy not the frozen dough and it smells wonderful! As you can see there is plenty of room in the oven for a 5" x 9" bread pan. I've also purchased a 13.25" x 9.25" cookie sheet which fits nicely in the oven.

Even though the bottom was slightly burned I'm very happy with the outcome considering it's the first try in this oven.

Needless to say fresh bread and other baked goods while out camping is going to be great. Goodbye BBQ hello Flamineta camp stove with oven!


  1. That looks like a great little camp stove/oven combo and would work well in a camping in power outage situation.

    What's the interior size of the oven and would you care to share the price of the unit? That might be a pretty handy thing to have.

    1. I paid $279.00 for the "deluxe" stainless steel model with the lid and wind deflectors but I see they also have a model there for $219.00 in white enamel with no lid and wind deflectors.

      The oven interior is 10.25" deep by 16" wide by 8.5" high, big enough to bake bread or make biscuits.

      Yes I'm thinking this is going to be a perfect little unit should the power be out for any length of time, way better than a BBQ. They seem to be all the rage for "tailgating" parties too!

      I'll be adding more pictures and information over the next few days to this post.

  2. What a handy stove you found. I can see lots of uses for it. Would work well with an RV. Sometimes you don't want to heat up the inside of the trailer using the oven or stove top. Set this unit up on the picnic table and the heat and smells would stay outside. When cooking around the holidays another oven would sure be nice!

    Anxious to see what your going to be cooking plus how the stove performs!

    1. I'm thinking it will be good for cooking outdoors on those days when it's too darn hot to cook indoors and you don't want to make the house any hotter than it already is... I'm hoping to try some bread or cookies in it in the next few days.

    2. Keep us posted on how it works. I'm pretty interested in that. I didn't know such a thing existed.

    3. Ok have a look at the post again, I baked some bread tonight and updated this post.

      Also if you get a chance Google "Camp Chef c-oven" this is the US version of the same stove. Looks like it has a few extras like push button start and external temperature gage but essentially the same unit. Much better prices than Canada too!

    4. Thanks for the update to the post and the info on the US version of this handy little stove/oven combo. It looks like it does a nice job.

      I will be checking into one of these. For camping and emergency situations I think it would be fantastic.

    5. Tasty looking home made bread. Some sweet cream butter and we've got a meal! Wonderful golden crust!

      The oven in my trailer always wanted to burn the bottom of whatever was baked. Solved the problem by placing an inverted cookie sheet or pie tin on the rack; then placed whatever was being baked on top of that sheet or tin. No more burned bottoms! Might work for this little oven also?

    6. Thank you Parker, great info, I'll give it a try. Maybe I'll try cookies next!

  3. That looks pretty damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I always enjoyed cooking outdoor, and thanks for sharing.

  4. Any idea if there is a retailer which will ship one of these to a US address? I don't want a Camp Chef version because they don't have a thermocouple like the Flaminetas do. Thanks

    1. Though I don't know off hand if anyone does this, you might be able to get one of these great little stoves through a Canadian source like or


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