Saturday, February 2, 2013

Out for a walk

Took the dogs out for a walk on some old grown over logging roads this afternoon. I'm not sure who is more worn out them or me. At least I didn't have to ride home in the back of the truck like they did because I stayed clean unlike them! Ha ha.

In a stand of perfectly straight trees there was this one that seemed completely out of place. Not entirely sure why this one tree would be different as it is the same species just looks like it's haunted that's all.

A little further on found this diverse little patch of mosses growing on an old stump. It kind of caught my eye the way Mother Nature had it all arranged so neatly!  

Sure am pleased with how well the Nikon 18-300 does with the close up shots. The bottom picture was handheld at 300mm with the aperture at f8 to help get everything in focus.


  1. Oh I can so relate to the dirty dog situation :) these are neat shots.
    Thanks for your helpful tips on getting better sunset shots. Going to start practicing soon.

  2. WOW! The first shot it looks like in Lord of the rings movie, and the bottom photo it has a lot of details to it. Good work!

  3. It looks very wet! Both a great shots and you definitely got some great detail in the bottom photo.

  4. Nice place for a walk. Finding something different or unusual adds to the adventure! Nice captures with the 18-300.


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