Friday, February 1, 2013

Buffalo Sale - A Wrap!

No Hide nor Hair!

Even the skulls of the demised Buffalo that had been found on the Refuge were auctioned. This one appears to be from an old one past prime.


The gavel dropped at two hundred dollars to the high bidder. Someone took home a nice specimen of bison.bison!

Buffalo Burgers

The Friends of The Wichita Mountains took care of concession sales. This auction is a great fundraiser for their projects.
Our group passed on the burgers as Ron&Cheryl graciously brought Kansas City BBQ ribs with all the fixings for the evening feast! Bad to the Bone goodness!!  

The Sale Pens

Located approximately in the center of the refuge, they are also the site for the annual Texas Longhorn Auction. Surrounded by open prairies and granite mountains the setting is ideal and scenic. The only drawback is the stands face the north. When a norther hits, the blowing frigid air chill-blasts the spectators sitting in the stands.

An action packed and enjoyable event made even better by having good friends to share the fun with!

A Wrap!


  1. i like those skulls. and yum! ron's buying rib dinners!

  2. Trying to decide between those burgers and ribs would be hard! The top photo reminds me of Georgia O'Keeffe and her New Mexico paintings.

  3. All very nice photographs on all three of your posts to do with the Bison auction and great commentary as always to go with!

  4. I remeber those skulls, especially since they sold for more than I was willing to pay!

    "Bad to the bone goodness", I like that!

  5. I really like that first shot. Don't think I could a Buffalo Burger though.

  6. Thanks for sharing this event. It's a very interesting things to know.

  7. I would love to have a buffalo skull, but I am with Ron, don't think I would pay that much.


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