Monday, February 11, 2013

Waterfall on the Road to Hana

I think I may have posted a different version of this photo before. I'm getting old and can't remember. LOL

This is a waterfall that was running along the Road to Hana this trip. The windward side of Maui had been getting rain for about a week before we arrived so the water was really flowing.

As a contrast, here is a photo from the same spot that I took last year.


  1. Although the water flow in both pics seems strong, the volume of flow from your current visit is noticeably alot more. Definately an oasis on the Island. I can just imagine the sound of the falling water!

  2. Nice pictures, such a lush and tropical setting! Quite a difference in water flow this year compared to last.

  3. Nice shot! I would find my way down to the bottom of the waterfall if I could.


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