Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Did someone say Buddhist Temple?

Cheryl and I ran across a Buddhist Temple on the beach in Lahaina one day so we stopped to take a look around. Cheryl discovered that there was a Buddhist Master visiting from Japan in a couple of days and he would be "cleansing karmas" for anyone interested. Cheryl had me convinced this was a good idea so I said "why not?, It couldn't hurt". I figured maybe twenty minutes of something and I would be good to go.

On the day of the cleansing we arrived to find out that it was a three hour process of meditation and chanting. Cheryl gave me the option of getting my karma cleansed or going to take photos somewhere. I figured my karma was good so me and the cameras ran like the wind!

Happy New Year Q!


  1. There are many advantages to keeping one's karma good... More time for taking pictures for example. Ha ha!

    Nice group of pictures, doesn't make me want to go check the place out at all... I'm more than content to stay right here in the cool wet West Coast February weather... NOT!

  2. Would have to say your Karma was in good shape from the look of these pics! Interesting and the the good vibes from these calming scenes are presented well! Peaceful indeed!

  3. I'm really like that shot #4. I have to look this up next time I'm on the island.

  4. This is called the Jodo Mission Q. It's right on the beach at the far north end of Lahaina about a block off of Front Street. Let me know if you ever need a tour guide on Maui. I'd be happy to show you around "my" island. LOL


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