Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm just a branch...

Found this Grouse doing it's darnedest to act like a tree branch... If I hadn't seen it land there I probably would have walked right past with out noticing! I managed to get a half a dozen pictures before it figured out I could see it and flew away.


  1. Looks kind of like an overgrown quail. Hiding in plain sight, never has worked for me too well. LOL

  2. Defintly hard to see animals even when you are looking for them. Great capture and being ready for anything always helps.

  3. Water drops on the foliage make for a nice touch. The grouse's top notch seems a little ruffled! A good find on your hike!

  4. Very sharp! It seems to me you have spent more time outdoor since you got your 18-300 lens. I'm wondering, What would you do when you get your 600mm lens! LOL

    1. New 600mm lens... you're going to get me in big trouble you keep talking that way. Ha ha!


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