Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sand Fleas (Ew gross!)

Another close in photo with the Nikon 18-300 at 300mm. This time Sand Fleas feeding on the dead kelp that had been pushed up the beach by the last high tide. Anywhere there was rotting kelp there was also Sand Fleas feeding on it, the entire length of beach. Ew gross! (as my daughter says...)

Actually Sand Flea aren't fleas at all, they are crustaceans (think really small Lobsters) and they depend on kelp for food and as a place to lay their eggs. If you get close enough to them they catapult themselves like fleas in every direction!


  1. UhOh! Looks like we both were working on a Post at the same time!

    Sensible girl is your Daughter. Not my favorite image of a Lobster either!haha

    Jumping Lobsters! The new lens captures the most unusual things! But it does it well!!

  2. I'm with Parker on this one. I have a completely different vision when you say lobster. It involves melted butter!


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