Monday, February 25, 2013


My wife and I went for a drive in the rain yesterday, it was overcast and gloomy. Near the end of the drive we came to the old pulp mill at Port Alice... It seemed so bleak in this place in the rain and gloom, so I tried to capture the feeling in a photograph.

To their credit the town of Port Alice is actually a vibrant little community at the head of an inlet on the West Coast of  Vancouver Island and the pulp mill is the major employer for that community.


  1. Drismal? I believe you've coined the perfect word to describe these drizzly-dismal weather days! Perfect!

    You did a good job capturing the dark feeling of the weather scene. Nice to hear the community is enjoying busy times!

  2. I like the composition, and the b&w tone. I have to say that you have been sharing some awesome shots on your new lens. Very nice work!

  3. Drismal is a good description.

    I like the way this shot came out and agree with Q and Parker. The tones in the photo give it that "drismal" feeling.


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