Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Are these guys related to Paul?

(crop of above photo)

     Ron has three ponds that are with in a short walking distance from his house. For much of the winter, there have always been geese on or around the ponds. The other day I decide to try sneaking up on the geese and taking their picture. I did really well and got within 25 or 30 yards of them before they didn't like the paparazzi. The top three photos are all under 100mm of zoom. I wish I would have use a little larger aperture, f5.6, to get more of the geese in focus. If you look closely at the fourth photo of the geese, there is a band on one of its legs which are used for tracking there migration and age. If you were a hunter taking a goose with one is a big deal!


  1. Oh sure bring my name into it... Ha ha!

    Not so easy to get close to the wild Canadian geese... Good captures just the same!

  2. Very Nice! It seems to me you work better when you're alone than with Ron around.

    1. Hey now, don't be picking on the old man! LOL

      These came out great Aaron. You brought quite a bit of light out on the geese. Good job!

  3. Nice job sneaking up on these geese. You caught some nice inflight shots!


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