Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cupid's Arrow

Happy Valentine's Day!

I suppose Venus would approve of  her little worker Cupid's marksmanship. The heart had been pierced straight through the middle! Some curly haired school girl had captured a school boy's attention. With jackknife in hand a lasting testimony was carved by his hands; while hoping she would reward his effort with a smile!

Found this carved on an old wooden school desk for two. The desk was in a one room schoolhouse that had been closed in 1936!


  1. Very nice find Parker! I love the nostlagia or the whole thing. That's a shot that will bring back memories for lots of people.

  2. Perfect photo for today!

    One has to wonder if anything ever became of this youngsters crush all those years ago...

  3. Whatever the era,, whatever the place. whatever the age, this desk is testimony that love truly makes the world go round and is everlasting.

  4. Replies
    1. Very nice. Happy late Valentine's!

  5. PS. Parker you are always so faithful about visiting my blog and are so generous with your comments so I wish to thank you!!


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