Saturday, February 23, 2013

Morning reflections

Couldn't help but notice the reflections from the tow boats as I drove along the waterfront in Coal Harbour this morning so I took a picture. This must be the calm between the storms... Had over 2" rain yesterday and the forecast is calling for at least 2" more by the end of the weekend... Glad its rain and not snow anyway!


  1. Great reflections! The red and white works well with the calm water.

    I can't help but notice those boats seem to sit pretty low in the water. It seems like any kind of wave at all would make it into the boat.

    1. These powerful tow boats or tugs are designed mainly to move large rafts of logs from place to place. Because of this they are built low to the water so a person can step on and off the floating logs easily. The actual deck in the back of the boat is flush with the top of the hull so any water that comes over the sides of the tug just runs off again.

  2. Nice! You always come up with the most interesting shots when you go down to the Harbor. Those little powerful tugs with their large exhaust pipes make for good subjects and the reflections add so much to the scene. A calm harbor shot you have captured!

  3. Nice colors and reflection too!

  4. WOW! Good capture Paul! I'm glad to see you have some spare time to put a good use on your 18-300mm.


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