Monday, February 4, 2013

This is year is a year of Snake according to the Chinese calendar.  Well, I was born in the year of Snake, so this year is not a good year for me according to old folks usually said.  Hell, every year is a bad year for me anyway.

The Chinese new year is coming up in next weekend, normally the Vietnamese, and the Chinese community here in Dallas held a few events around here to celebrates the New Year for the first 3 days.  The tradition things for us to do is going to the Buddhist temple to welcome the New Year, and my wife pray for good luck, and good health for the family.  Me, I praying for a new camera, and few more lens.

Then one the 1st. the parents, and the older folks passing out few bucks in a small red envelope to the children for good luck.  After that I'm normally go to the casino, and try to win back those money that I gave out to the children.

These pictures are from last couple years ago that I shot during the New Year.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Q you're a funny, funny guy, I am chuckling as I read your commentary!
    Nice collection of pictures from previous new years.

    1. Oh yea, I almost forgot... Happy New Year to you too! And I hope you get the new camera and lenses you pray for!

  2. I agree with Paul, very funny! (but probably true! LOL)

    I really like the last two photos. The use of the black and white on the one really makes it stand out. Is the bottom shot a composit of two photos?

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family! Thanks for sharing the pics of this cultural event. Your story was informative as well as funny! Good stuff all the way around!


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