Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amazing Grace

My husband, Ron put this wonderful camera in my hands and opened the door into a whole new world. Everthing I see seems more AMAZING somehow. Thank You for this incredible gift Sweetie.

This is my first post and I'm a little nervous but I would like to share my photos that I've taken while exploring my new home at the Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. I've fallen in LOVE with the area and with the people here.

This photo means more to me than I can possible express to you. I knew I was home when I saw this beautiful cobble stone cross standing tall against the bright blue Oklahoma sky. It's located at Holy City on the Refuge and called out to me and still when I look at the photo I get the feeling of comfort.



  1. Beautiful and humbling photo!

    We've been waiting to see what your first post would be. A very nice choice indeed. Thankfulness, appreciation, happiness, and most of all a spiritual bond with a new home in new surroundings. Your first photo expresses your most heartfelt narrative.

    Welcome to a Fun and Informative site!

  2. Welcome to the group. You won't learn if you don't press the shutter button. Also, you have a great guy beside you when you need help. I can see you have a good eye for photography, and I'm sure I will more exclent photos from you. By the way, did Ron include the Hawaii package with your new camera? I think you are ready for adventure.

  3. A heart felt welcome! What an excellent choice for a first post and a great narrative to go with!

    Looking forward to learning more about your part of the world through your photographs.


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