Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mono Lake, Ca.

These photos are from Mono Lake California. No filter, just wait until the Sun set below the horizon.
Hey Paul, in few days, I'm heading to Oklahoma for a camping trip by Ron resident. I wish you could be there to join us for a dinner. Parker going to try to join us also, I'm looking forward to see them, and hopefully they are not shock when they see me in real life. LOL.


  1. Fantastic! Were these taken on this planet? LOL

    The only thing that shocks me is the excellent quality of photos that you consistently share on this blog.

  2. This is a wonderful photo. You are a fantasist!

  3. I agree with Parker, what planet are these from??

    These are great shots!!

    I can't wait to meet you and taste those ribs you are talking about cooking! See you soon.

  4. Fantastic photos! Your choice of foreground really draws the eye into these pictures.

    Going to Oklahoma! Man oh man you are going to have a blast, wish I could be there too! One of these years I hope to get there myself, after all the interesting photos Ron and Parker post the place looks downright inviting, especially for a wannabe photographer like myself!


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