Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Fall arrived a couple of weeks ago. Most of the foliage has already peaked. We have a pair of Sweet Gums that always save their colors for last along with the Oak which stands in the front yard. Today winds were Southerly bringing temps of 76F. As we always say around here there will be a price to pay for these nice temps we are having for this time of year. So be it, but for now bring it on!
The same Moon that Paul presented us with yesterday, was still trying to maintain its dignity to no avail. Early morning is not its best face. It's color must give way to the power of the Sun which brings to life all the colours that the Picture Takers seek!

The sad part of the picture is the covered and winterized home of this picture taker ,which has just learned that indeed the toll collector will visit us Thankgiving Day with below freezing temps and a high around 38 to 40F. We are not worried! All the kids and grandkids will be here plus extended family, don't forget us and my Dad and his wife, = 22plus!! Should be plenty of Hot Air to overcome the Cold temps!!

Hope the Nikon doesn't Overheat from all the Snapshots that everyone expects!
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  1. Those are good sized Sweet Gum trees and colourful too! I'll bet they make some nice shade for you in the Summer also.

    Ah... Turkey Day! Why Canadians insist on celebrating Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October is beyond me. The fourth Thursday in November makes so much more sense! In this way Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all have a month or so between.

    A house really comes alive when you fill it with family and friends. Have yourselves a great Thanksgiving!

  2. 22 people??? I think I would have left the fifth wheel uncovered and hooked up so I would have a place to hide! LOL

    Nice colors in the trees. Just about everything down this way is brown now and with the cold front coming in the leaves should be gone pretty quick, probably all of the people too!

  3. We have about the same number of people like that on my wife side of the family. so I'm really looking forward to cook, and feed them tomorrow. I should stay at camp Doris. I have an ideas, if I don't want anyone come near me, all I have to do is take a few snap shots with a big flash on my camera. LOL.


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