Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sitting on the rocks waiting on the first rays of the sun I became aware of the loudness of silence. No wind, no birds, no man made noise!
I finally heard the Crack of Dawn as the first rays of the sun hit the granite rocks on opposite shore.
Mother Nature was so proud of her handiwork that she gave me a double view as a reward for participating in her first showing of the day.
A Longhorn Cow broke the silence bawling for her calf, but not before one last view was captured.
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  1. This brings to mind the old saying... "The silence was deafining".

    Indeed Mother Nature did reward you, this is a very nice group of pictures! I especially like the deep blue reflection of the third one down.

  2. Good to hear from you Parker and to see what you're seeing these days. I love reflections in photos. You've captured some great reflections. I like what you wrote also.

  3. Good photos, and excelent story to go with it. I would love to pair up with you next time when we on the Kauai island. There's a lot of beautiful scenery that I don't the words to described.

  4. Great photos and story, I'm not sure which is better. The lighting and reflections are damn near perfect!


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