Friday, November 5, 2010

More Skies

I've been waiting for some clouds in the skies for more than two weeks now. I can't beleive I'm complaining about clear skies but they just don't make for great photos without the right clouds.

A few weeks back I gave Aaron a hard time about shooting into the sun and then I went and did it myself. For some reason this just looked good to me. I probably should have used a filter when I took it but I got lazy this day and just took the camera without the bag and didn't have any of my other toys with me.


  1. Good color in top photo!

    That is definately a Point of Light in 2nd photo! The cloud seems to be flaring out as the pic was took.

  2. I have to agree that the right clouds can really add to a landscape shot.

    Who says you can't include the sun in your pictures... Little hard on the eyeball perhaps but what the hay, rules are made to be bent!

  3. Sure you can include the sun in your pictures. As long it doesn't blown out the other objects in the picture.


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