Monday, November 8, 2010

Old trestle

Found this interesting old trestle at Great Central Lake near Port Alberni and took several pictures of it from quite a distance away. I would like to have gotten closer so I could try taking pictures from other angles however had no way to get closer except possibly by boat.

A few days later when I got home I fired up Google Earth and sure enough looks like you can get fairly close by road and probably trail as evidenced in the above aerial photo. I took my pictures from the upper right hand side of this picture of the trestle in bottom center of the photo.
Looking forward to next time I'm in that area so I can get a little closer to this interesting old trestle.


  1. Good work Paul! That old Trestle is just teaming with character and history.

    Google Earth. What a research tool.

  2. I like that shot, looks like a time from days gone by or the remnants of a hurricane! LOL

    I bet you were really annoyed to find out there was a road there after you left.

  3. Good find Pual! In the South we call this is a Bass paradise


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