Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Old Red Barn

I found this neat looking barn tucked away into the trees while driving around looking for deer of all things. I had to do a little work on the photo to remove some unwanted objects. Hopefully you can't tell what I removed.

Thanks for the turorial on putting frames around your photos. I had tried for months trying to figure it out and you made it really simple.


  1. If there was other things in this picture you did a good job of making them disappear! Nice frame job too! LOL

    It never ceases to amaze me what you come across when you get a little off the beaten path, great find and good photo to go with!

  2. Good find, and good job on the photoshop. Remove the unwanted objects is good. However, sometime the unwanted objects is good for the foreground in your picture. For myself, most of the time I have to choose the different angle related to my unwanted objects. For example, the fense is a good leading line for your foreground, or apply rule of 1/3 for broken farm equipments.

    If I don't want any objects infront of the barn, I would get closer to the barn, eleminating the empty field, and shoot multiple frames on either side of the barn.

  3. Finally, another photo. It's about time! LOL

    It only took you a week to learn to do something I've been wondering about for months, nice frame!

    It's a nice picture but... You knew that was coming didn't you? :~) I would have cropped out about half of the field to give it a wide angle view with all of the trees and less of the field.

    Nice job of the photoshopping, I can't tell that you have removed anything.

  4. Red Barns, or for that matter any barn, are always interesting to look at!

    Looks like photoshop worked well for you.


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