Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More train stuff.

Took this picture a few hundred feet from yesterday's picture of Loon Lake. As I said before we have no trains or trees that turn colour in the fall on the North end of Vancouver Island so I found myself drawn to both while in the Alberni Valley area on centeral Vancouver Island which is roughly 250 miles to the South.

Had time permited I would like to have walked a bunch further down the tracks... Maybe next time.


  1. WOW! Another good picture by Paul. I like the Mountain being in the background of this photo. Nice Work!

  2. Composition is great on this photo. Tracks with the tall trees on either side draws one into the mountain. Agree, more exploring is called for!

  3. I love this shot! You have a little bit of everything in it but not too much.

    Just out of curiosity, are the train tracks leaning or was that you? LOL


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