Monday, November 29, 2010


Although already covered in an earlier post there were a few pics. that I liked , so here they are! With frames and all!

This is the Dam built from the native Cobblestones which are so prevalent in this area .
Reflections in the slow flow below the dam.

Just as efficent as in the early days , and probably more appreciated today, stands as a testament to the skill and fortitude of all who came before us.

Part Two- Dams and Lakes of the Wichitas-

Please click on Pic for full effect

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  1. Hi Parker, How you doing? I like that second shot. The composition really makes you look around to figure out what is going on there.

  2. I like the second photo due to good camera control by Parker. I can see the reflections, and able to see the bottom of the river. Good work!

  3. Very nice group of photographs and as always a well thought out commentary to go along with!

  4. Nice shots! I especially like the middle one.You got reflections and you can see to the bottom.

    Now all you need is a wide angle lens! LOL


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